Brand strategy for startups.

A startup business faces many difficult challenges getting off the ground.  For many early stage CEO’s assessing their priorities, product development and the seed money to grow are their primary concerns. Few if any are thinking much about brand building. For startup CEOs, brand building needs to be as [...]

Why designers make the best brand strategists.

If you’re inventing or transforming a brand, somewhere in the process you’ll be working with a Designer or Design Firm who will be tasked with bringing your “brand strategy” to life. Brand design is not decorated brand strategy. Brand Design is a highly specialized expertise. We prefer to think [...]

Design experiences people love.

Brands are not things they’re emotional experiences. Creating these experiences, and the use value they offer customers, is the result of an integrated creative process of design. Everywhere you look in the marketplace there is revolution and disintegration. Few marketing organizations have successfully navigated through the disruptive forces of [...]

The art of brand storytelling is not copywriting.

In our social media era, marketing is no longer about persuasion and promotion, but connection and customer engagement–and nothing is more engaging to human beings than a compelling story. In a world of micro-segmentation and instant communication, controlling the marketing message is now next to impossible. Customers control the [...]

A cosmetic re-brand is rarely the solution to more brand relevance.

It’s no easy feat to enhance your brand’s relevance to its most fervent users, while at the same time attract new loyalists. With today's pace of change in consumer tastes, preferences and behaviors are moving too fast for many brands to keep up. To keep up with the changing [...]

Is the anti-branding movement alive?

It’s been nearly 15 years since the first publication of Canadian author Naomi Klein’s book “No Logo” (1999). To many, it's been considered the genesis of the alter-globalization and anti-branding movement. But the world changed radically– and in the process, making the anti-branding movement irrelevant. For those who may [...]