Why designers make the best brand strategists.

If you’re inventing or transforming a brand, somewhere in the process you’ll be working with a Designer or Design Firm who will be tasked with bringing your “brand strategy” to life. Brand design is not decorated brand strategy. Brand Design is a highly specialized expertise. We prefer to think [...]

The importance of graphic standards in building brand value.

Graphic Standards Manuals are a critically important management tool for brand owners to ensure their brand identity assets are correctly and consistently reproduced over all media channels. Developing graphic standards documents for managing brand identity is a big undertaking in both time and money. Naturally, brand owners and managers [...]

A cosmetic re-brand is rarely the solution to more brand relevance.

It’s no easy feat to enhance your brand’s relevance to its most fervent users, while at the same time attract new loyalists. With today's pace of change in consumer tastes, preferences and behaviors are moving too fast for many brands to keep up. To keep up with the changing [...]