Design experiences people love.

Brands are not things they’re emotional experiences. Creating these experiences, and the use value they offer customers, is the result of an integrated creative process of design. Everywhere you look in the marketplace there is revolution and disintegration. Few marketing organizations have successfully navigated through the disruptive forces of [...]

The rapid commoditization of everything.

Eventually, every product or service will become a me-too commodity that competes on price alone. The pace of product and service innovation is now so accelerated that one can hardly determine who is first to market with a valuable new idea before a competitor knocks it off, adds a [...]

The gap between brand strategy and creative messaging.

Managing the translation of brand strategy to creative messaging is a delicate process of enabling the polarized thinking archetypes of the engineer, economist, and artist to form a singular voice. Seemingly the intersection of brand strategy and creative messaging is an area where many marketers struggle. Developing a brand [...]

Brand development starts with introspection.

In many organizations faced with a brand development initiative, or rebranding, the focus and management of such efforts often reside within marketing. Brand development is not marketing. Brand development is soul work. In nearly four decades consulting on brand development initiatives for global brands to baby startups alike, we’ve [...]