How emerging brands build magnetic brand stories.

For emerging next generation brands, there’s never been more opportunity to leverage the magnetic power of their brand story–if only they knew how. It seems everyone in the marketing business has locked on to the notion that brand storytelling is the new-fangled thing. Of course, storytelling is nothing new. [...]

The art of brand storytelling is not copywriting.

In our social media era, marketing is no longer about persuasion and promotion, but connection and customer engagement–and nothing is more engaging to human beings than a compelling story. In a world of micro-segmentation and instant communication, controlling the marketing message is now next to impossible. Customers control the [...]

Brand voice in the social media age.

Brands obsessively seek massive social followings. The driver of that social activity is content marketing. Today most content marketing is nothing more than disguised brand advertising–and customers and consumers mostly ignore it. To gain a massive following in social channels requires a sophisticated understanding and disciplined application of Brand [...]