For start-up brands a trademark is tricky business.

Naming is the most important element of a brand’s value proposition. It’s the first perception by an audience about who the brand is and what the brand represents. From day one, a brand name requires and deserves full creative consideration and legal protection. Trademarks, which are the names or [...]

The importance of graphic standards in building brand value.

Graphic Standards Manuals are a critically important management tool for brand owners to ensure their brand identity assets are correctly and consistently reproduced over all media channels. Developing graphic standards documents for managing brand identity is a big undertaking in both time and money. Naturally, brand owners and managers [...]

ThedaCare brand development.

We delivered a complete brand reinvention to bring unity to a large and complex organization and redefine its core value to the communities and consumers it serves. ThedaCare is a leading healthcare system provider serving consumers in diverse communities throughout northeastern Wisconsin. With corporate headquarters in Appleton, ThedaCare operates [...]

The impact of corporate identity change on employees.

Before you communicate the value of a corporate identity change to the customer, employees must first be all on the same page in order for them to bring that value to life. When organizations change and implement their new Corporate Identity, the focus of that implementation effort is primarily [...]